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Once Upon a Time Cottage- Woodsman's Chair

Need a new, charming look for your kitchen? If so, use this beautiful set to turn it into something you would find described in fairy tale storybook.

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Haute Hip Sofa

With its chic design and striking quilted cushion back, this sofa is so unique, your guests will want to sit on it as soon as they see it.

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Futureshock Living

Brilliant, clean, and expertly designed by Sims from the future. Bring a new age of living room comfort to your Sims home.

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Bohemian Garden

Release your Sims inner Bohemian! Spend a spring morning planting a variety of new harvestables and an afternoon lounging under a flower-covered canopy. What free-thinking spirit doesn’t...

Loud, Fast, Clash! - Attire

Ripped, spiked and oozing with ‘tude. Show off your inner rebel by wearing this punk gear.